Solution-Focused Brief Therapy

01/28/2021 06:30 PM - 01/29/2021 07:30 PM ET


Solution Focused Brief Therapy: The Diamond Approach presented by Elliot Connie, MA, LPC

Elliott Connie, MA, LPC is a psychotherapist well known in the field of solution focused therapy. His private practice is focused on helping individuals and couples to identify, create, and live the kind of lives they hope for. He is the author or co-author of several books, including The Art of Solution Focused Therapy and Solution Building in Couples Therapy. He practices in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas and provides consultation and training to therapists around the world.

The Solution Focused Approach has been around since the late 1970's and has been applied all around the world. Consequently, there have been many styles of this way of working that become popular. While in one sense this has been a thing, it has also created confusion amongst those looking to learn how to practice in this way of workshop the presenter will demonstrate how conceptualizing this approach as a "diamond" you can gain clarity and be able to master this approach more effectively.

Attendees will...

- Be able to apply Solution Focused questions in their work.

- Gain an understanding of how this approach differs from problem focused ways of working.

- Flow through a Solution Focused conversation that leads towards change in the client.



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